01 Discovery

Your business, your market, your goals.

In our initial consultation we will get to the heart of your business and markets, the challenges you face and your vision of future success. Project objectives will be established and next steps will be discussed. Book a discovery call.

After the initial discovery is complete, we will outline a scope of work, timeline, and budget for the strategy phase for both parties to review, edit, and approve.

Once the strategy phase scope of work is approved, we will deliver a master service agreement for both parties to review, redline and e-sign.

Stage One = 30 days

Set your strategy

We will research active demand that is relevant to your business, delivering a report that details the opportunity with insights for your business. Here are several screens from our demand report to telemedicine platform Zipnosis.

We measure competitors chasing the demand we’ve uncovered, scoring their marketing and yours on quantitative and qualitative criteria, detailing strengths and weaknesses to deliver insights, strategies, and tactics to get you to that demand first. Here are the competitive insights we delivered to Wellbeats.

Based on what we learn from demand and competitive research, we align your brand story to the needs of prospects while making you stand apart from your competitors. This strategic document is the basis for later creative work and gets your internal and external partners telling the same core story.

Based on the the demand and competition we’ve uncovered, we’ll outline a scope of work, timeline, and budget for both parties to review, edit, and approve.

Stage Two = 60 to 90 days

Grow your results

We pilot creative in search, social and other relevant media and determine which are most effective. We double down on what worked best, kill the rest, and try new ideas to beat the new control. These cycles typically take three weeks, giving us the ability to iterate over three cycles in 90 days.

You want more results from marketing. We deliver.

Whether you want to grow your internal team or continue with Infallible, the insights, strategies, and tactics used are presented and become a proven playbook to guide your marketing moving forward.