Find Demand.

Infallible's research shows B2C and B2B demand has moved from fitness to wellness. Employers are hunting for a comprehensive health and wellness offering because employees are looking for wellness over fitness.

Measure the Competition.

Competitive research shows the B2C wellness market is a crowded, highly competitive Red Ocean, but the B2B market is Blue Ocean and wide open for the taking.

Align the Story.

Wellbeats story had been about fitness. Infallible repositioned Wellbeats as virtual wellness for business, bringing health and happiness to employees and their families.

Test. Iterate. Grow.

Infallible reimagines the brand story to focus on wellness, then brings thought leadership content to HR staff navigating employee health and wellness during the pandemic. We test for 70 days.

Redesign the Experience.

To meet the corporate buyer's expectation of an experience like Peloton and Netflix, Wellbeats current user experience needs a major upgrade. Infallible delivers the new brand story in a clean, modern UX.


Infallible exceeds the MQL goal in less than 70 days. Conversion to SQL remains inconclusive with Wellbeats having not yet launched the reimagined user experience by the close of the market test.